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Dairy Trivia & Milk Facts

*  It takes 12 pounds of whole milk to make one gallon of ice cream!

*  It takes 21.2 pounds of whole milk to make one pound of butter!

*  It takes 10 pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese.

*  Americans eat an average of 29 pounds of cheese every year
     -- over a lifetime that’s more than a ton of cheese!

*  Greeks eat the most cheese – an average of 54 pounds per year!

*  The tradition of making Swiss cheese in 200 pound wheels began in the
   Middle Ages when the government taxed cheesemakers on the number
   of pieces of cheese they produced - not the total weight.

*  Cows have an acute sense of smell - they can smell something up to
    6 miles away!

*  The natural yellow color of butter comes mainly from beta-carotene found
   in the grass the cows graze on.

*  An average dairy cow weighs about 1,400 pounds.

*  Milk is better for cooling your mouth after eating spicy food. Milk products
   contain casein, a protein that cleanses burning taste buds.

*  Most cows chew at least 50 times per minute.

*  There are approximately 340-350 squirts in a gallon of milk.

*  Cows drink 35 gallons of water a day -- the equivalent of a bathtub full of water!

*  According to legend, cheese was discovered accidentally, when an Arabian
   merchant was carrying milk in a pouch made from the stomach of a freshly
   killed calf. The hot desert sun and the rennet remaining in the pouch caused
   the milk to separate into curds and whey.

*  The milk bottle was invented in 1884.
   Plastic milk containers were introduced in 1964.

*  Average U.S. cow produces 53 lb of milk per day, or 6.2 gallons

*  Average cow eats . . . 20 lb hay, 20 lb corn silage, 10-20 lb corn, 6-12 lb    supplement (fortified with protein, energy, vitamins & minerals)

*  In a food survey, respondents voted milk to be safer than water.

*  1000 new products are introduced every year
   (ex. ice cream candy bar, yogurt with sprinkles, etc.)



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